W: The Denizens

W: Snapshot

W: Playroom, 151 W 46th St

W: Dec 17, 2019, @ 8PM 


The Denizens present: 


 Brief snippets and scenes from the lives of intriguing characters.  

One night only!    



Stephanie Moise, Lara Ruth Smith, Megan Roads, Jillian Waters, Ariana Santana, Frank Montero, Erinn Anova, Sydney Beck,

Jessica Minhas, David Feliz, Charles Black, Thomas Ariniello, and Dylan Knewstub 

Directed by: 

Paul Mancini, Heather Lanza, Whitney Stone, Sarah E, Lara Ruth Smith, John Fico, and Alex Hansen

Written By: 

John Minigan, Stephanie Moise, Paul Mancini, Gina Femia, Alejandro Leon, Bryan Shipley, Arnold Johnston, and

Deborah Ann Percy


The Hunger and the Thirst -Two imprisoned suffragettes overcome their ordeal through solidarity. 

Daraja - Daraja just landed the job of a lifetime. But, which name should she use? 

Closing Doors - When an active shooter drill goes wrong, two friends end up on separate sides. 

Amazon - Marcus is determined to overthrow Nero, for the sake of Rome. But at what cost?

Last Fourth of July in Sweet Valley - It's the Fourth of July and AJ is trying to learn how to fly.

Blind Loyalty - Teachers with guns. What could go wrong? 

But if it Rage - During a long ride home, Evelyn and Roger confront each other's possible infidelity. 



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