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W: The Denizens

W: The MotherF**ker with the hat 

W: From the comfort of home 

W: ENCORE! Feb 20th, 2021



The Denizens present: 

The MotherF**ker with the Hat 

 "A high-octane verbal cage match about love, fidelity, and misplaced haberdashery."

Jackie, a formerly imprisoned drug dealer is eager to reunite with his girlfriend, Veronica. But when he discovers an obviously-not-his hat at her place, it kickstarts a series of events, forcing everyone to reconsider who they are, what they'd do, and what to believe. 



David Feliz, Jillian Waters, Lara Ruth Smith, Gregory Marlow, and Romeo Sanchez

Written By: 

Stephen Adly Guirgis

Directed by: 

John Fico

Special Thanks to: 

Megan Roads, Stephanie Moise, and Roly Poly Productions



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